Sunday, November 30, 2008

I promise to be good

Yes, I have been a bad little blogger. Life is crazy, but I have been running. I just haven't been writing about it.

Today I ran 5 miles, my farthest distance ever. It was a great run and 5 hours later I still feel great. The knees hurt a lttle bit, but I think I just need to get off my bum and walk around more. I know that getting into longer distances is going to require some help. So I emailed a local running club about having a test run with them and I hope to hear back from them soon.

It has been a little harder getting out to run lately. I am an outside runner. I am not a fan of the treadmill. It gets dark so early now though so I really have no choice, thankfully I can do my long runs outside. I really don't think I could have run 5 miles on a treadmill. It would have been dreadful.

Also, my brother encouraged me to join Have any of you joined? The site keeps track of all the races you have run and you can track friends and even rivals. I look forward to more races being entered on my page. I only have 3 races right now. If any of you join and want to be friends on the site just let me know.

Ok, well I should get moving now before my legs fall asleep. I promise to be good about writing more. No more bad blogger for me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kids and Running

Last weekend I ran in the Hot Chocolate 5k. I did pretty decent for having a bad cold. 33:44, faster than my last 5k.

What bugged me though was when I was looking at the results. Now first let me say I have no problem with older kids running. I think its a great family thing you can do together as long as you are not having your kid run a marathon. My problem was the results for the 5 year old girl. Come on, she is still a little girl! My four year old loves to "run" with Mommy. She usually runs a few blocks and then she is ready to sit in the jogging stroller. I can't imagine her running 3 miles. Maybe I am just picky, but I think 5 is too young for a race. (Especially when it costs $40).

Tomorrow is the Girls on the Run 5K. I am super excited and can't wait to help someone finish their goal. I know it will be fun, just really cold. Hopefully it doesn't snow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Running and Coughing

My dreaded October cough is here. You can set your clock to it, every October and March I get the worse cough ever!! I get huge coughing fits and I can't sleep at night because all I am doing is coughing.

I am especially sad about it this year because tomorrow I run the Hot Chocolate 5k. Thankfully I only signed up for the 5k, I almost did the 15k. The race is in Chicago, so my daughter and I are taking the train in to spend the night at my sisters condo. She is running it with me. I have given up on getting a PR for this race. My sister has a goal of 45 minutes so I will probably just run/walk with her. I haven't run in a week and I am soooooo tired. Hopefully all the chocolate at the end of the race will make my cough go away. I am also glad that the weather will be nice. The weather should be in the 50's.

Any advice on getting rid of this cough would be greatly appreciated!!