Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Midweek Update

As I said in my last post marathon training has officially begun.  Last weeks race fit in pretty well with the 36 week training program that my brother suggested I use.  Since I was so focused on the half marathon I never looked past race week.  I looked today and I have to run 14 miles!!  I think I was secretly hoping it would be an easy 8 miles or something close to that.  I have no doubt that I can do it. I just ran 13.1, what is another measly .9 miles?  I think my doubt is in running it by myself, it kinda scares me.

That fear has motivated me to finally join the running club, the application is going out in tomorrow's mail.  And I am going to save up to buy a forerunner.  I can't keep mapping out these distances before hand.  I mapped out a 7 mile out and back route on the trail and the 7 mile mark is at a great point where I can hopefully convince my husband to wait for me and give me some new supplies.   I might have to send in my kids with the puppy dog eyes to ask him.  :) 

Happy Hump day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Adventures of a Running Mom

This past Sunday was my half marathon.  I finished!! But I have to tell you the wonderful adventure it took to get there......

The weekend started about midnight on Saturday when I woke up to a crying two year old who was not feeling well at all.  I only got a couple of hours sleep that night and ended up taking C to the doctor.  She ended up having a huge ear infection and was put on some antibiotics.  My husband was also not feeling well at the time and my 5 year old had a cold.  After the doctor I took the miserable two year old to the pharmacy and then to my 5 year olds t-ball game because "I proooomisssed!" (Said by whiny 5 year old) After the game it was home for a half hour and then off to T's karate belt testing.  Yeah!!  She got her yellow belt!  Then it was back home again to pack up the car and drive with T and N to Chicago.  We left poor C and Daddy at home.  :( 

We made it to my sister's condo and discovered that N had a fever.  Ugh!  The sickness never ends!  I fed him dinner right away and put him to sleep so I could walk to the store to get some infant tylenol for when he woke up.  The rest of the night was pretty quite thankfully, T got to go swimming with her aunt and uncle and I got all of my running gear ready to go for the next morning.

Finally race day.......N had me up early, 4:30 am, to nurse and I wasn't able to fall asleep after that.  I was getting antsy and was just ready to race.  I got myself ready and left about 6:30.

It was a quick 5 minute walk to the race site and the park was filled with people.  I took a walk around to start warming up (it was chilly) and found my way to the 11 minute pace sign.  There I met some crazy wonderful people who all had different backgrounds and experiences.  There was the two time ironman woman, the obnoxious 56 year old who yelled over her really loud music coming from her ipod, Chuck the pace leader that offered all kinds of advice and tips, Gary the sign holder that dropped it at mile 3 and then proceeded to sing Glory, Glory Alleluia and various other songs the rest of the way, and many others. 

The race started and we set out at a good pace.  I was going to run/walk the race but I was feeling good and kept going.  I ran all the way to the turn around point!!!  It felt great running along the lake.  It was a long distance though and I felt like I was running all the way to Indiana (we could see it the first half of the race).  Thankfully we didn't and we turned around and headed back to see the skyline of Chicago.  It was a beautiful site and it motivated me to keep on going.  I ditched the run 5 walk 2 minutes strategy.  I always walked through the water stops and whenever I felt like it.  Running the first half bought me alot of time to keep me on pace with my goal of 2.5 hours.  I was feeling tired towards the end, but I kept pushing through and made it to the finish line.  I had never run farther then ten miles before and I couldn't believe I made it 13.1!!!  My official time was 2:28:35, under my goal time!  

It was disappointing to not have anyone cheering me on, I knew my husband would have been there at the finish line, but my sister and brother in law were taking care of T and N and decided to walk around instead of waiting to see me cross the finish line.  They took T to run the kids dash (if only I was a little bit faster I could have seen it!) and she will tell you that she finished 5th (more like 10th).  She was so proud of her ribbon and took it with her to school today.

After we got back to the condo I called the husband and he told me that C had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic and had to get a new one.  Oh joy!  Oh and my husband has food poisoning.  The fun never ends.

I will post pictures when I get the chance.  Marathon training has officially begun!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite Friday Giveaways!

Here are my favorite giveaways from this week.  I encourage you to check them out, but then I also encourage you to be too lazy to check them out so I have more of a chance to win!

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Good Luck Everyone!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 More Days!!

I AM READY!!  I didn't switch to the 10k, I am sticking with the half marathon.  I know I can do it.  This past Sunday I went on a 10 mile run and felt great!  I would run 5 minutes and then walk 2.  At the race I may run the entire first mile (I don't want to feel silly stopping to walk so soon), but then I will fall into my run/walk pattern. I am very excited about doing it! This week has been dragging, so I am trying to get myself to calm down and relax a bit.  My daughter is really excited though too because she is running in the kids dash, so it has been a little hard to not be antsy for the weekend. 

I have a made a list of what I need to pack and have laid out all my gels and gatorade that I like to run with.  Saturday is going to be busy for us and I don't want to forget anything.  Trinity has t-ball in the early afternoon and then after a short break she has to test for her yellow belt in karate.  After that we will be able to drive to the city and enjoy a fun night visiting with my sister and brother in law.  I am very fortunate that their condo building is directly in front of the park where the half marathon starts. 

My goal for the race is 2:30.  I will post my update as soon as I can after the race.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

15 Days and Counting

This has been a very bad running month.  There is only 15 days until the half marathon and I am starting to have some serious second thoughts about it.  I am in no way ready, all thoughts of having a good time are gone.  I think I will be run/walking the race.  I just have not been able to put the time in to my training.  April has been crazy.  I am hoping once school lets out, things will get better. 

I am debating switching to the 10k instead of the half marathon. What would you do?