Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not Running

I have been a terrible runner lately!  Last week I did not run at all and this week wasn't much better.
 I think I have a decent excuse last week.  I was sick for a couple of days and then we had my sons baptism on Sunday.  I really intended on my long run on Sunday, but when I woke up and realized I still hadn't finished the cake, I knew I had to skip the run.  I didn't feel too guilty as I ate all the yumminess!  I need to learn how to post pics on here so you can see all the yummy chocolate that was on it.

By Monday the dog ate all the leftover cake and I was ready for a run.  It has been frigid out here so I went to the gym and only ran 1.25 miles.  It was packed, people were waiting, and I honestly did not feel like being there.  I missed going outside for my run.   I haven't had the chance to go back out for a run, with sick kids, work, and my husband having class at my normal run times, I couldn't make it.  I feel terrible, I really do, but I will do my long run tomorrow.  I don't care how cold it is, I will be outside.  I just can't run 3 miles on a treadmill.  It would be the end of me. 

Since registration for the Chicago Marathon opens on Monday, my brother asked me if I was doing it with him and if I had the guts.  I said yes to both and then asked him if he had the guts to run with a really slow runner.  He won't be setting any PR's with me. 

Well I need to go "run" now and be a Mom.  I hear a snotty nose kid calling my name.  Why did all 3 get sick at the same time? 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tiny Post

Uugghhh, a dreaded cold has taken over me.  I don't feel good and all I want to do is sleep.  Three kids are preventing that, but I will survive.  I did get my runs in last week though!  Sunday was another 2 miles and boy was it cold.  I enjoyed it though and I plan on another two miles this afternoon.  I won't let this cold stop me from running.  

Ok, must go now and get some tea.  I have fallen in love with a pomegranate tea from Trader Joes.  Very yummy. 

Happy Running!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My First Long Run

Yesterday I had my first long run of the year.  It was only two miles,but it was tough.  It is hard getting back in to shape. 

It was below zero in the morning so I went to the gym.  I was ready to quit after the first half mile, but I kept trudging along. I really dislike running on the treadmill. I stopped after the first mile for about 30 seconds to drink some water, I have never mastered the drink while running thing.  I didn't want to spill water on the fancy new treadmills.  Then I got back on and finished the second mile.  I kept my pace slow and finished in 25:38.    I am glad I finished and I awarded myself with chocolate milk.  I love chocolate milk so I make that my motivation to run.  I have some sitting in my refrigerator right now and it is so hard not to go and get some.  I even gave my girls some this morning without taking a sip. 

Today is a rest day so I will work on my core and probably use the eliptical later.  Right now though I have to go play with my kids!  Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is My Year

Hello Everyone!

It has been a very long time, but I am happily back to running. This is my year to accomplish everything I didn't do last year.
Baby #3 was born on September 21st and after taking lots of time to recover (a little too much) I have started thinking about me and getting my running shoes back on. Here are my goals for the year.....

1.) By new running shoes. I did this one already. They are pretty, Nike Livestrong ones, I almost don't want to get them dirty. :) They are comfy though, and I have put a few miles on them already.

2.) Run a half marathon. This week I started a 19 week training program to get me there. It will be the Chicago Spring Half on May 16th. I am looking forward to it, but I am a little nervous about how close it is. I know the time will go by fast. The training program is for beginners and takes things slow. The long run this weekend is only 2 miles and I know I can do that. By the end of the month I will be up to 4 miles.

3.) Run the Chicago Marathon. I thankfully have 10 months to train, but I know I have to be serious about my training already. I have decided to run for a charity. I am debating between the American Cancer Society or Imerman Angels. I lost my Dad to cancer last year and my Husband's Uncle is very ill from cancer right now and would like to run in their honor.

4.) Enjoy running. This one will be more difficult then running a marathon.

Run on friends, I will let you know how my "long" run went on Sunday. :)